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…If you love unique jewelry pieces, good danish craftsmanship and the most beautiful materials.
It is a danish jewelry brand built on good traditional craftsmanship done with a unique design. The jewelry is made by Signe Abrahamson herself at the workshop in the heart of Copenhagen. All jewelry is unique pieces and often a one-of-a-kind because it is handmade and the materials are handpicked with care. All this together makes them all very personal pieces for each customer. It is very important for Signe having contact with her customers and therefore she only sells her jewelry from her actual workshop and shop.
The jewelry design is a beautiful mix of a elegant and modern design with a raw and a Scandinavian edge. Each jewelry is a unique and artful piece. To get this look at the jewelry Signe uses antique cut and brilliant cut diamonds, dark oxidized silver and polished 18 carat gold. All in the best way to make a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece. it is important that each piece gives a feeling of having something special.
“For me beautiful jewelry is the best materials chosen with care combined with knowledge and fine craftsmanship in a high quality. I make every jewelry as a unique and personal piece for each one of my costumers.”
She makes jewelry which tells a very personal story for the one who is wearing it. It can be a very special birthday gifts, for an important occasion, anniversary or an engagement ring that makes her feel even more outstanding.
Weddings is also a very special occasion for everyone and therefore the wedding rings can be ordered in the shop  so everyone get their ring just as they like it to be and have something special for their hole life.
“I love to make every single jewelry a story to the bearer. Not only for the present, but also for the future and hopefully in generations.”
The jewelry is made of precious materiale as 18 carat white and yellow gold as well as sterling silver. the silver is offen oxidizes to give it the black and more dramatic antique look. The stones are precious stones and diamonds with different kinds of cuts, shapes and colors. The antique cut diamonds is often used in the jewelry because of the beautiful understated look and to get a feeling of the antique look as well. This kind of stones is often a bit more raw and look amazing for example together with the classic cut diamonds called brilliant cut diamonds. All materials are combined in the finest balance to create a very special piece of jewelry. A piece of jewelry which gives the wearer a special felling of wearing something unique.