A ring, a diamond and the big question..
.. To ask for a woman’s hand is a great thing and there are many ways to do it. Do it in your spirit and with a special ring in the box.
An engagement ring is a beautiful and old symbol of love and the formal agreement to future marriage.                The woman’s ring is presented as an engagement gift from the man and too the love of his life.
In many countries, engagement rings are placed on the finger nearest the little finger on the left hand because of a old idea. At one time it was believed that this finger contained a vein called the vena amoris, that led to the heart. But today the ring can be placed as you wish.
Engagement rings from Signe Abrahamson can be found in the shop as a unique and personal piece of jewelry.
The ring can also be made in cooperation with Signe at the workshop. You can get the ring and the diamonds just as you like it to be for the big question and for your love of your life. Remember to visit the shop in time, so we can get the right stone home and make the perfect ring just for you. The production time starts at 3 weeks and depends on the wishes and choice of stone.
We look forward to help you and make you comfortable with this emotional and important moment. Visit the shop for further guidance. Diamonds