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.. Wedding rings are giving to each other on the wedding day as a sign of everlasting love and commitment, as a symbol of marriage.

A wedding is a very special occasion for the couple getting married, it is a very emotional and beautiful ceremony and a day you always will remember. Wedding rings have a very important role on your wedding day and thats just the beginning, because you will have them for many years to enjoy and to remind you about the beautiful commitment you’ve made with your love of your life.

It’s always a great honor for us to make wedding rings for an upcoming wedding couple. We always make them with good materials and good craftsmanship. We know that good quality means many years of joy.

“We handmade the rings for you with love for great materiales, high quality and for your everlasting love”

Wedding rings is a good idea to be one of the first thing you should think about when planning your wedding day. Especially with something as important as the rings which you will wear and enjoy for many many years after this big day. We recommend you to start looking for rings together, so you leisurely and carefree can find out what you have of wishes to both your wedding rings. Stop by the shop and take a look at the rings we have. Here you can try different rings and get an impression of the possibilities. You choose how you want your rings to be in close cooperation with us and our recommendations. You can get an idea of the materiales, surfaces, widths, stones etc. This is the best way to find out what you like and what you prefer. It often takes more then one visit, so feel free to visit us more then ones.

The production time
It depends on your wishes to the rings, but it is always good to be in good time. We recommend an order for a pair of wedding rings are placed around two months before the wedding.
The process is as follows. You choose how your rings should look like, materiale, stones ect. and we measure your ring sizes. Then we contact you when the basis rings are ready to be tried on, this way we can be sure the rings fit in sizes. The next step is that we set the stones and we hand engrave the ringes inside just as you like.
We want your rings to be just as you like and therefore, it is a process.  We promise you that it is worth waiting for :)
Remember that the summer is high season for wedding rings and also includes some holidays, therefor it is important to start the order with enough time for us to make your rings just as you would like them to be.

We look forward to help you get some beautiful handmade rings.

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